A Veda Called Common Sense

Common Sense is defined as sound practical judgement that is independent of specialised knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

Is it really common sense?? when for someone smoking is bad as it leads to cancer while someone else still might do it. Many such examples might sprout up in your head where common sense isn’t really as simple as it seems to be defined above.

One may argue that common sense can not over ride the freedom to choose and will what one needs and feels to do as long as the outcome suffered is individual.

Maybe then, the scale of an outcome becomes a defining parameter of common sense. For example discouraging use of single use plastics, encouraging use of public transportation and reducing green house gas emissions are all common sense.

So we can agree that something done for the common good of the society is common sense. Nah. The thing is that our society is divided on a lot of fronts like gender, religion, politics etc. which again hinder common sense to prevail.

Let’s further refine our definition of common sense by asking this question…

Is Common sense Religious or Political??

Common sense is not religious, its not A gods commandment which must be followed, its a matter of spirit. It is practical wisdom which ensures peace, equality and growth in the society. Since when did it become okay to kill each other on the basis of religious radicalism if you ever wander to the extreme end of this spectrum you would find yourself standing in a society already divided by religion ready to go to war with each other and that will be a very toxic world to live in.

Is it common sense to vote for a political party over the other. NO. Both might have equally good manifestos supporting different causes. Common sense is not political as it doesn’t care ‘who’ you choose as long as your ‘why’ is strong and leads to greater good.

For many centuries now politics has used religion to divide and rule over people creating fear and hatred. Amongst all other senses fear and hatred dull out common sense the first. I would only urge people to practice Religion and Politics but with common sense.

All of this feels like common knowledge now, yet we always seem to forget. Maybe we ought to write it down like the Vedas as a constant reminder for us and all our future generations to live by.

For if we are ever in doubt or are straying from the path Common Sense we have something to refer to…

A Veda Called Common Sense

Common Sense is the reflection of human practical spirituality standing on life experiences. It is neither philosophy nor religion. It is an assessment of the righteous and dignified human life of individuals and society supported by practical spiritual wisdom applicable In daily life. It touches all aspects of human life, even what we call politics, economics and science. All aspects of human life stand on the application of this practical spiritual wisdom in daily life for the goodness of humankind. Common sense is spirituality in/through life.

7 thoughts on “A Veda Called Common Sense

  1. If we are still talking about communal hatred, then I believe we have failed as a civilisation. Even the immense knowledge of various religions has been unable in circulating the message of love.


    1. You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion. You can seek advise from someone but use your own common sense before taking the final decision…

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  2. This is so relatable to what is happeing around the world. As it is rightly said that ‘Common sense is not so common now-a-days. Hope more and more people around us would inculcate these facts and help in building a better society. Great blog.🙂


  3. Actually, common sense varies from person to person and a little bit upto the situation around us. So, always balance between your mind and heart before performing any activity. 👍


    1. Nicely written and sharing this for what is happening around this time and yes spirituality plays important role in evolving the peace inside our mind to Re-think for every situation or social Drama happening around us.
      Nice Blog keep writing ..:):)


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