Do You Have Any of These 7 Psychic abilities!!


Telepathy is the ability to pass on information, ideas, impressions, feelings, moods, and thoughts between living beings without involvement of known sensory organs.


Precognition is the prediction of future events that are already anticipated or are subsequently experienced, whereby the prediction can relate to few seconds or many years.


The term medium or channel refers to a person who can establish a connection to the spiritual world and is thus able to convey messages between people and supernatural beings such as angels, spirits, or the deceased.


Telekinesis is the movement of objects through the power of human consciousness, without the aid of the hands or other instruments that touch the object.


The type of psychic ability is defined as the appearance or disappearance of an object without the physical touch


Clairvoyance, or the clear seeing is the ability to use paranormal senses to see images and visions. Clairvoyance use their gift to obtain information whether it is about an object a person, future events, past events, or even a location.


Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is the ability to hear things psychically without the use of your physical ears. People who have this ability receive information from the spiritual beings in forms of messages and sounds.


Clairsentience means clear feeling or clear sensing. A person with this gift feels the soul of a person and outs himself into their emotions, feelings, and perceptions and interprets them.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Any of These 7 Psychic abilities!!

  1. Yes Telepathy in rare of rarest form it is use in some extent I don’t know reason but something is already conveyed to the situation and surrounding may be because of god miracle happening with us can’t explain but it’s true
    You have crafted this topic beautiful 👍

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