Rise of the Divine Feminine Energy.

On the Day of Spring Equinox (19-21 March) the constellation that is visible under the sun defines its Astrological Age, but you may ask what is an Astrological Age? In astrology each zodiac sign is characterised by certain traits. The age of a sign signifies the traits of that zodiac sign being more dominant in society for example the constellation of Pisces is visible right now hence it is called the age of Pisces and traits of the Zodiac Pisces are more prevalent.

Let’s understand this through history-

Age Of Aries – Generally Considered from 2100 BC to 0 BC was a time where Characteristic of the zodiac sign of Aries were dominant. Aries is considered as the sign of war. Symbolised by a Mountain Goat. It was an age where physical power dominated over emotional or spiritual power. Some of the biggest empires like the Roman empire and Greek empire flourished in this era.

Age Of Pisces – 0AD to till date. Symbolised by the opposite facing fish, it signifies contrast in society. On one hand Pisces characteristics of love, forgiveness & sacrifice flourished into some of the major religions in the world (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism), on the other hand Pisces characteristic of overindulgence has crippled our society. The pursuit of pleasure has become the prime focus of our existence, leading to great inequalities in terms of gender, race and wealth.

But its not all bad news, we are now witnessing a paradigm shift, a lot of things are changing around us as we slowly move towards the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Aquarius will be defined by the Rise of The Divine Feminine Energy

Aquarius zodiac is symbolised by a woman pouring water. This heavenly woman can be understood as the Divine Feminine Energy which is Nurturing, Creative, Intuitive, Assertive, Beautiful, Emotional & Understanding and the water it pours is symbolic of wisdom or the element of purification of the soul. This is exactly the shift we can expect to see in our society, while the backlog of the masculine Aries energy will be completely balanced, the injustices and inequities of the age of Pisces will also be cleansed. This divine feminine energy will purify our malicious societal, financial & environmental structures, by redirecting our focus on importance of principles like Compassion, Love and Sustainability. This will be an age of equality, collective harmony and prosperity.

This will be an age of high moral values and principles.

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5 thoughts on “Rise of the Divine Feminine Energy.

    1. Moral values are extremely important for everyone, as they guide you in the right direction in your life. I hope the Age of Aquarious brings an eminent change in our society now. If people become more compassionate towards Mother Earth and start respecting all life forms, we will definitely have a brighter future ahead… 😊

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    2. Keep it up👍
      All the zodiac signs have their own different characteristics but all of them have one common aspect- to respect the nature which provides us with all the essential things of life i.e air,water,food etc. So ignorance of these values leads to destruction..🙏

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