The basic principle of yoga is to enhance the experience of life itself. This can only be done if life in itself is given due importance. Life within, life outside and life around us all matter equally. Human intellect has divided life into different species, races, religions & communities but in essence life is the same. Prana or life animating energy is not individualistic but is unified at the source we are a part of the same creative energy. Let me ask you a simple question – How can we be different in life if we are not different in death. When you die you are as dead as a plant or an animal or any other human being, not more or less dead. Similarly when you are alive you are equally alive not more or less than any other specie or race. Life energy is the same in all of us.

Then what is the predicament???

The predicament is, the nature of human intellect is such that it needs to disintegrate and dismantle to make sense or use of anything for eg. to know what a flower is the human intellect will urge you to peal the flower’s petal and put it under a microscope in this process you might understand various things like it molecular structure, chemical composition etc. but the life within it also disintegrates and dies. No amount of human intellect can then restore life back into it.

On the other hand the intuitive, natural or feminine side of our human intelligence doesn’t try to break or dismantle, it appreciates and loves life in its natural form it understands life and its interdependence on various other species. It is supreme ignorance to think that suffering caused to one life form will not effect other lives. Were we to live if there were no plants?? We are all a part of the same collective consciousness it is evident now more than ever.

A Yogi’s way is to maintain balance between the two energies giving equal weightage to both. But the problem today is that we are overrun by the intellectual side often ignoring the intuitive side of our human intelligence. Our society has been structured in a way that, divisive forces are more dominant than uniting forces. We are forced to be a part of the great divide, where we are either this or that…. A yogi’s recommendation would be to not get influenced by external factors, to live life knowing that inside we are all the same, of the same, by the same and that divide doesn’t really exist except for in our brains, we must uproot it completely and live life in harmony with one and all life forms. As that is also the true meaning of Yoga, Union of the self with the Universe.

How to Awaken Kundalini?

Kundalini is a massive energy pool residing in our subtle body, which once awakened does wonders but the question is how do we awaken it. There are many ways to awaken Kundalini, while some take years of practice, some are instantaneous let’s explore them one by one…. Automatic Awakening Automatic awakening may happen due toContinue reading “How to Awaken Kundalini?”

3 thoughts on “ALL LIFE MATTERS

  1. Yes Right yoga brings unity In us become of this life also become exuberant one goes in stage of ecstasy peaceful and Stable after long hard throttle push which we are giving to our lives Because we are always in haste to achieve our desires ..:):)

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  2. Very impressive blog
    It should be the duty of every living being to give it’s best in the maintenance of the eco systum of the nature so that it moves smoothly without any disturbance🙏👍♥️👌

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