Mantra to Chant During Lunar Eclipse

An Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in one line. This celestial phenomenon results in a different cosmic energy pattern. The mind is connected with the moon, the body is connected with the Earth and the Sun is connected with both. The time when all three come in alignment is good for meditation and chanting. It is not considered a good time to eat, or indulge in pleasures.

Even the Mahabharta mentions how the Pandavas would wait for years to meditate during Surya(sun) and Chandra(moon) eclipse to gain certain Siddhis or powers.

Chanting mantras at the time of eclipse is much more powerful. Below is a Sanskrit Mantra to chant during the Lunar Eclipse.

*Om Shraang Shreeng Shroung Sah Chandramase Namah*

Other mantras like Gaytri Mantra and Mahamrityunjau Jaap can also be chanted during the lunar eclipse.

English Affirmation
I hail to thee, lunar master
shower me with love, joy and prosperity.

Why is the June 2020 Eclipse Called “The Strawberry Eclipse”.

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