How to Use Siri like a Yogi!!

The same technology that is used to create nuclear bombs can also be used to provide electricity to entire nations. Our phones with their multiple apps, which are used for brainless consumption of media can also be used for spirituality and increased productivity.

What you need to do is simple, just set three or four reminders at regular time intervals using the ‘Hey Siri’ (‘ok google’) function on your phone. Every time the reminder pops up take a deep breathe and read it.

Hey Siri remind me everyday at 10 a.m. ‘I am not this body, I am not this mind’.

Hey Siri remind me everyday at 2 p.m. ‘I am not this body, I am not this mind’.

Hey Siri remind me everyday at 6 p.m. ‘I am not this body, I am not this mind’.

Now, the reason I chose this affirmation is because the entire system of yoga is directed towards creating an experience to elevate our existence from being merely physical (i am not this body) and mental (i am not this mind) to that of a more evolved conscience.

All sufferings of any human are either caused by the body or the mind, there is no third kind. The more we attach ourselves to the body and mind the more we identify ourselves to concepts of race (black/white/yellow), physical appearance (slim/fat/beautiful/ugly), religion, nationality, personal preferences like food, sports, brands etc. etc.

I am not saying having attachments and identification is bad, we will all continue to do so, even the greatest of yogis. All I’m saying is, ‘the tighter you hold on to your attachments the greater is your suffering’. For example you might be in a vegan restaurant of your choice, watching your favourite team win yet still someone might annoy or hurt you by saying something against your favourite political leader.

This is where Siri can help you, repeated reminders create a space between you and your faculties, giving you more control over them instead of being driven by them. They bring your awareness to a state where it is easy to recollect, regather, reimpose “who you really are” and thereafter you can get back to fulfilling your destiny.

You can also use affirmations for different chakras with specific desired results.

Base Chakra : “I am grounded, safe and prosperous.”

Sacral Chakra“I am creative, loving, and passionate about life.”

Solar Plexus Chakra“I am driven, successful and will what I want to be.”

Heart Chakra : “I am compassionate and exude unconditional love.”

Throat Chakra : “I live in truth and clearly communicate with others.”

Crown Chakra : “I am one with the divine.”

Click here to Learn more About the 7 Chakras

But before you go learn more about Chakras remember to set the reminders.

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One thought on “How to Use Siri like a Yogi!!

  1. It’s true to use technology in creating more simplicity integrity expanding our consciousness Belief and positivity for ourself , Everytime we explore other things but this time it can be more peaceful if we utilise this tool in this way
    Nice Concept ..:):)

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