Yoga Starts Way Before You Get On the Mat!!

The Sanskrit word yoga means ‘to unite, to yolk’. Although popular belief is that yoga refers to practising Asanas or breathing techniques, but originally yoga is about union between body, soul and mind leading to union of ones individual consciousness to the supreme Universal consciousness.

9 Accurate Signs of Kundalini Awakening!

When you feel vibrations of Prana in different parts inside your body, when you experience jerks like the shocks of electricity, know that Kundalini has become active.….

Mantra to Chant During Lunar Eclipse

An Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in one line. This celestial phenomenon results in a different cosmic energy pattern. The mind is connected with the moon, the body is connected with the Earth and the Sun is connected with both. The time when all three come in alignment is good for meditation and chanting. It is not considered a good time to eat, or indulge in pleasures.

Seasons of India Grishma Ritu 2020

The word ‘Grishma’ is derived from another Sanskrit word ‘Grishmarutu’ meaning ‘summer’. Grishma Ritu marks the onset of hot and humid summers in India.

3 Asanas to Awaken Kundalini

  1. Stretch your legs straight and swing the upper part of your body back and forth. With each swing, try to reach further with your hands, touching your knees first, then calves, then ankles, and finally the toes.

Which Style of Yoga Is Right for You?

Inspired by a friend who got in shape or someone on Instagram who looks calm and serene posing for an Asana?? You might be completely convinced about the various benefits of yoga but choosing the right yoga class can be very confusing, specially with the variety of classes being offered these days. Different yoga styles suit different people, which is why i have summarised 6 common types so you can chose easily.

6 Tips to Select a Yoga Teacher Training Programme


  • The Yoga Teacher Training School or Retreat of your liking might be located in your home town or away from your city or even in another country altogether.
Three Nadis – Ida, Pingala and Sushumna

Ida And Pingala are Nadis through which Prana Vayu passes, they represent the feminine and masculine characteristics or what we also call left and right hemisphere of the brain. Sushumna is the central passage through which Prana flows to all different organs and parts of the body.

7 Chakras Explained For Beginners

In yoga the subtle body comprises of thousands of energy pathways which run across all over the body, these pathways are called Nadis. The vital energy force that Nadis channelise is Called Prana. There are about 70,000 Nadis in our body, majorly meeting at 7 different junctions called Chakras.

The Strawberry Moon Eclipse

The June Lunar Eclipse is not just a ‘Penumbral Lunar Eclipse’ but also a ‘Strawberry Moon Eclipse’. It will begin at 11.15 pm on June 5 and end at 2.34 am on June 6, it is nicknamed as the “strawberry moon” in reference of the strawberry harvesting season. In this Lunar Eclipse, the skyseekers will be able to see strawberry moon get a darker shade. 


How helpless are we feeling right now, how much control of our destiny is in our hands?“We only control our actions, the results can not be controlled.”Said Krishna to Arjun.

The 5 Layers Of Our Body Explained

The Monk Who Bought A Ferrari!!

Whether it be the story of Jim Carey manifesting 10 million dollars through a self signed cheque for acting services rendered or Connor McGregor prophesying himself to becoming the U.F.C Champion and having that belt around his waist or even Shah Rukh Khan manifesting all his dreams into reality, specially that of the house he lives in today.

Rise of the Divine Feminine Energy.

On the Day of Spring Equinox (19-21 March) the constellation that is visible under the sun defines its Astrological Age, but you may ask what is an Astrological Age? In astrology each zodiac sign is characterised by certain traits. The age of a sign signifies the traits of that zodiac sign being more dominant in society for example the constellation of Pisces is visible right now hence it is called the age of Pisces and traits of the Zodiac Pisces are more prevalent.

A Veda Called Common Sense

Common Sense is defined as sound practical judgement that is independent of specialised knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence.

Songs & Spirituality

Song – ‘Naadan Parindey’ Movie- Rockstar 2011

“kaaga re kaaga re mori itni araj tujhse chun chun khaiyo maans
khaiyo na tu naina more, khaiyo na tu naina mohe piya ke milan ki aas”

Do You Have Any of These 7 Psychic abilities!!


Telepathy is the ability to pass on information, ideas, impressions, feelings, moods, and thoughts between living beings without involvement of known sensory organs.

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