How To Eat Like A Yogi-Summer 2020

According to Ayurveda with the onset of summer Pitta Dosha becomes prominant in the body therefore, it is important to consume more alkaline foods in order to fight the heat in the system. Intake of water should be high whether it be in the form of water-rich foods  onions, green vegetables, tomatoes or your favourite summer drinks likeContinue reading “How To Eat Like A Yogi-Summer 2020”

Why is Shiva Called Neelkantha??

The Devas (gods) and Āsuras (demons) together were looking to extract the treasure Amrita, the nectar of immortality hidden in the depths of the ocean to the surface. They used Mountain Mandara as the churner and the serpent Vāsuki as the rope. The gods held the tail of the snake and the demons held itsContinue reading “Why is Shiva Called Neelkantha??”

How to Use Siri like a Yogi!!

The same technology that is used to create nuclear bombs can also be used to provide electricity to entire nations. Our phones with their multiple apps, which are used for brainless consumption of media can also be used for spirituality and increased productivity. What you need to do is simple, just set three or fourContinue reading “How to Use Siri like a Yogi!!”

Yoga Starts Way Before You Get On the Mat!!

The Sanskrit word yoga means ‘to unite, to yolk’. Although popular belief is that yoga refers to practising Asanas or breathing techniques, but originally yoga is about union between body, soul and mind leading to union of ones individual consciousness to the supreme Universal consciousness. Yoga is a Lifestyle, it is a system of holisticContinue reading “Yoga Starts Way Before You Get On the Mat!!”

Seasons of India Grishma Ritu 2020

The word ‘Grishma’ is derived from another Sanskrit word ‘Grishmarutu’ meaning ‘summer’. Grishma Ritu marks the onset of hot and humid summers in India. According to the Hindu calendar, this season lasts for two months, Jayeshtha and Ashadha while in the Gregorian calendar, the months of mid- April and mid-June are termed as summer season.Continue reading “Seasons of India Grishma Ritu 2020”

6 Tips to Select a Yoga Teacher Training Programme

LOCATION The Yoga Teacher Training School or Retreat of your liking might be located in your home town or away from your city or even in another country altogether. Choosing the right location makes a huge difference in the overall Teacher Training experience, while it is convenient to join a school in your city, offshoreContinue reading “6 Tips to Select a Yoga Teacher Training Programme”

Which Style of Yoga Is Right for You?

Inspired by a friend who got in shape or someone on Instagram who looks calm and serene posing for an Asana?? You might be completely convinced about the various benefits of yoga but choosing the right yoga class can be very confusing, specially with the variety of classes being offered these days. Different yoga stylesContinue reading “Which Style of Yoga Is Right for You?”

The 5 Layers Of Our Body Explained

The yogic system takes a very holistic approach while describing the human body. It does not consider physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our existence to be different but as the layers of the same body. These layers through which we work are also called Koshas. Annamaya Kosha The physical body or the tangible aspectsContinue reading “The 5 Layers Of Our Body Explained”